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Writer's Block: Animal magnetism

What animal best represents your inner spirit? If you had to wake up as an animal, which one would you choose, and why? Are your two answers the same? Why or why not?

Well, I really love the white tiger. I suppose that would have to be my inner spirit animal because I"m independent and can be fierce like the tigress. I would love to be a tiger too, besides for the fact that I'm endangered... :3


Happy Summer! Even though it's almost over now and it's about time for me to hit the books again. Which, I'm at the library right now anyway, so there's books... Anyway,

:3 :3 :3 :3

And, mischief managed!

Turn That Frown Upside Down!!!

This is the last post you'll probably here from me for a while so... going out with a bang!!! Not really... Mischief managed! *wha-chiss*


Stars and Scars

Went to a Ren. Fair yesterday and am now under the firm belief that cleavage is fun. Seriously, it was everywhere and I was like *stare*. People probably thought I was a super creeper but maybe they didn't notice.... I bought this  masquerade mask thing that is this pretty blue and black and I'd wear it if I didn't have my glasses. But, alas, I am blind... Sad face. I liked the pirate show we watched the best and when the belly-dancer chicks danced with the snakes. Speaking of snakes, I was wearing my Snape shirt and this lady was like, "Severus Snape? Stab him in the heart!!!" I was like, "oh my, not very friendly!" But it was all in good fun.

I had a time of it the other morning though, it was a bad morning. I woke up too early and then there was this nasty cockroach thing on my washcloth so I flung it in the tiolet and watched it drown for a good couple of minutes. Then, I was shaving my legs, which is never a good idea for me, being clumsy with anything sharp. But I didn't die of blood loss, yay.

I BOUGHT THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX FINALLY!!!!! I watched it earlier and during that scene with only Harry and Neville in the Room of  Requirement made my sister go, "is that... mistletoe?" And even my mother laughed and neither she or my sister likes slash. Speaking of, I finished another fanfic and it makes me happy. It was based on the song "Kiss Me" which is the corniest thing ever but I love it anyway. <3 <3 <3 Whoa, my hand just had a spasm while I was typing that... Strange...

Have you ever wondered how many stars that you see are already dead? I was thinking about that, and it works the same way with people too. How many people do you see that are already dead inside? And why is it that stars are always the things that prompt deep wonderings? It's never "oh look! A rock! Let's think about philosophy!" It's always the stars in the sky and whatnot. Why is that? Is it jsut because they're far off and unobtainable? Or what? And further more, why isn't HBP out yet? I wants it.

Drarry drarry drarry drarry drarry drarry drarry drarry drarry. I want my HBP Drarry references NOW. "He was rapidly becoming obsessed with Draco Malfoy". I want it on screen. I want to see Malfoy crying and then I'll probably end up getting all sad when Dumbledore dies. Although, I 'm not a big fan of him. When Snape dies I'll be bawling. :3

Enough about Harry Potter... What else have I done? The seniors graduated but it still hasn't really hit me that I probably won't see head nor tail of any of them every again. I'll go to Open Houses but I was only invited to like 3 more. So I'm not the most popular one around... oh well. Still... my sister is graduated now and this is probably my last summer completely with her but I'm still not remotely sad or anything yet... Strange.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnyyyyyyyway... .Mischief managed *wha-chiss*

RAGE!!!! I am mad as of right now bwcause stupid Kris Allen won American Idol, when it should have been Adam Lambert. Although, I know for a fact that Adam is going to end up making more money and being more famous anyway... But it's still the thought that matters.

I also watched that pilot show for Glee. It'll prolly end up being my new favorite show when it starts up in the fall for keeps. I was lazy and taped it rather than staying up to watch it, so now I have a commercial for Half-Blood Prince on a tape! I didn't think they were playing commercials yet, and I'd only see npreviews on, like, 2 different movies. Has anyone else seen a preview for The Lorax? I saw it once and then it dropped off the face of the earth... Mysterious... .

Anyway, Half-Blood Prince... It's gonna have ton of Malfoy-ness in it and there is obviously gonna be Drarry references up the wazoo, so I'm going to be a happy little mushroom. *happy happy* I'm also happy because I've been writing fanfics like there's no tomorrow lately and quite frankly, I doubt I'm gonna stop anytime soon... Also, in my English class, we're watching this awesome Mozart movie where Wolfgang laughs so weird, it makes me crack up. I wuv him bunches!!!! Even though he's apparently "vulgar" and "dirty-minded". But, alas, who is not? :3

Panic! At the Disco has infiltrated my thoughts. Tehir songs keep flittering around my head without stoppping, and it's getting to be annoying. <- Did that even make grammatical sense? Speaking of grammar, I have to write an essay on Hamlet's love of Ophelia and I'm totally going to stick some Hamlet/Horatio in the paper for my poor poor teacher. at least it's better than Hamlet/Gertrude... his own mother for godssake!!! crazy Shakespeare.

Mischief Managed *wha-chiss*

We got to the creepy "I'm going insane" parts of Nazi Hamlet today.... It was highly amusing but I wish they would have showed when Hamlet went nuts on Ophelia, with the looking over the shoulder staring at her.....

Except my life...  Except my life... Except my life....


So, we're also doing Microsoft Access in my computer class and it is so. Bloody. Boring. It's typing the same sort of stuff over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.


I was also really mad in 5th hour yesterday because this huge homophobe (who was proud of that fact)  was having this big rant about how gay people are nasty. i was like *hiss hiss* shut up. Of course, when asked how he feels if the guys making out (that's what started the whole thing) had been girls, the homophobe said, "well, that would have been alright, then." Not that I'm super complaining, but why are people more tolerant of lesbians than gay boys? I don't get it... I remember watching this one show where they had an experiment that they started out by placing a straight couple making out on a bench and the people walking by just ignored them. So then they put 2 guys on the bench and these people walking by were like "eww!" and threw stuff at them until this old lady came up and started swearing and screaming at them. So then the show people put 2 girls on the bench and the walking people just kind of went "eww." then went on their merry way.


So what 's the difference? Really? Between the 3 of them? It makes no sense to me.....


On a happier note, sort of, the seniors last day was yesterday and it was the last day of Anime Club so we had a party and it was fun. :3 Duh. We were trading crap and I got a ton of Harry Potter trading cards, a DVd of Loveless (squee!) and volume 6 of Godchild. Plus running around flinging Neopets cards at people was fun.


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaanyway, mischief managed. *wha-chiss*

It's Limerick Day! Share a favorite or compose your own humorous five-line poem with an AABBA rhyme structure.
There once was a boy
His name was Malfoy
He liked Harry
Who was a fairy
So, they lived in joy

Pics and Head Ticks

Out of boredom in my computer class, I was googling Malfoy and the thought struck me that he makes some wildly adorable faces sometimes. Silly Tom Felton.  So I decided to share my findings with you. :

           that's just Tom Felton but close enough... :3

 This is just creepy... Crabbe (I think) in the background. I can just picture that Malfoy is watching the Gryffindor Quidditch showers... >:P 

   DRINK UP ME HEARTIES YO HO!!  (that's what it looks like...)I just love this for the drarry potential.  as well as this part too. :3

And that's enough pictures for today. Or else people will think I'm insane... *cough cough* So what's happened in my life since my last entry? Umm, I watched Sweeney Todd AGAIN and a couple episodes of Pushing Daisies. Why did they have to cancel it??!!!  Why??!! Oh why??!! Cruel cruel fate!! Oh, I am slain!

God, I love death scenes in Shakespeare. If I die soon, I hope to shout out "Alas! I am slain!" how awesome would that be? Although, I don't plan to die anytime soon if I can help it. But that would still be kewl. In a strange morbid way...


Fodder for Your Odder

 Fuzzy hat of DOOM!!!!!!!!

Things that I find when I'm bored as heck.... .